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Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

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There were 41 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (trailer #6) 02/05/20162:12Warner Bros. Entertainment
Jonas Kaufmann: An Evening With Puccini (trailer #1) 02/05/20161:20Cineplex Entertainment
Purge, The: Election Year (trailer #1) 02/05/20162:27Universal Pictures
Renoir: Revered And Reviled (trailer #1) 02/05/20161:15Cineplex Entertainment
TED Dreams 2016 (trailer #1) 02/05/20161Cineplex Entertainment
Women Of Faith: An Amazing Joyful Journey (trailer #1) 02/05/20161Cineplex Entertainment
Brothers Grimsby, The (trailer #4) 02/04/20162:03Sony Pictures Releasing
Demolition (trailer #2) 02/04/20162:14V V S Films
HandM "2016 Modern Essentials" 02/04/20160:30Cineplex Media
Numb (trailer #1) 02/04/20161:45A71 Entertainment Inc.
Always Be My Maybe (trailer #1) 02/01/20161:36ABS-CBN
BMW Mini "Go With Your Gut" 01/29/20160:30Cineplex Media
Bronze, The (trailer #1) 01/29/20162:05Mongrel Media
Coke "Red Anthem" 01/29/20161Cineplex Media
Me Before You (trailer #1) 01/29/20162:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
World Gaming Canadian Championships - Call of Duty 01/29/20160:30Cineplex Entertainment
Degree "Men's Powerball" 01/28/20160:30Cineplex Media
Degree "Women's Powerball" 01/28/20160:30Cineplex Media
Ghayal Once Again (trailer #1) 01/28/20161:32White Hill Production Inc.
Kubo And The Two Strings (trailer #2) 01/28/20161:52Entertainment One Films
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (trailer #2) 01/27/20162:12Paramount Pictures
Jungle Book, The (trailer #4) 01/26/20162:16Walt Disney Studios
Messenger, The (trailer #1) 01/26/20162:40Independent
Pete's Dragon (trailer #1) 01/26/20161:30Walt Disney Studios
Stratford Festival HD 2016 Season (trailer #1) 01/26/20161Cineplex Entertainment
Angry Birds Movie, The (trailer #2) 01/22/20162:27Sony Pictures Releasing
La Traviata (trailer #1) 01/22/20160:37Independent
Subaru Crosstrek "Marshmallow" 01/22/20160:30Cineplex Media
Tangerine Bank "Hard Work" 01/22/20160:30Cineplex Media
Touched With Fire (trailer #1) 01/22/20162:16Pacific Northwest Pictures
Channo Kamli Yaar Di (trailer #1) 01/21/20162:23Hot Ice Enterprise Ltd.
Green Room (trailer #1) 01/21/20161:04D Films
Monkey King 2, The (trailer #1) 01/21/20160:32China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Secret Life Of Pets, The (trailer #4) 01/21/20162:25Universal Pictures
Suicide Squad (trailer #1) 01/21/20162:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
10 Cloverfield Lane (trailer #1) 01/19/20161:34Paramount Pictures
Keanu (trailer #1) 01/15/20162:22Warner Bros. Entertainment
Keanu (trailer #2) 01/15/20162:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Sing Street (trailer #1) 01/15/20162:23Elevation Pictures
Snowtime! (La guerre des tuques) (trailer #1) 01/15/20161:36Entertainment One Films
Kevin Hart: What Now? (trailer #1) 01/12/20160:56Universal Pictures