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Trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are an integral part of the viewing experience at Alberta's movie theatres. Trailers, commercials and PSAs play before feature films; their classifications must be equal to or lower than the film they precede.

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There were 56 films that matched your search criteria. Click on the Title for more information if it is available.

TitleRatingsDateRunning TimeDistributor
Good Dinosaur, The (trailer #3) 10/08/20152:23Walt Disney Studios
Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay Pt. 2 (final trailer) 10/08/20151:46Entertainment One Films
Joy (trailer C) 10/08/20152:2220th Century Fox
Shaw Girl “Premiere” 10/08/20150:30Cineplex Media
Witch, The (trailer #1) 10/08/20152:24Elevation Pictures
Angry Indian Godesses (trailer #1) 10/07/20152:18Mongrel Media
Last Women Standing, The (trailer #1) 10/05/20150:30China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Every Thing Will Be Fine (trailer #1) 10/02/20151:51Mongrel Media
Forest, The (trailer #2) 10/02/20151:14Universal Pictures
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (trailer #1) 10/02/20152:0620th Century Fox
Shareek (trailer #1) 10/02/20153:06White Hill Production Inc.
Subaru Canada “30-Sheep Dog Buddy” 10/02/20150:30Cineplex Media
Subaru Canada “60-Sheep Dog Buddy” 10/02/20151Cineplex Media
Victoria (trailer #1) 10/01/20152:15Mongrel Media
Forest, The (trailer #1) 09/30/20152:23Universal Pictures
Spectre (trailer #3) 09/29/20151:09Sony Pictures Releasing
Tamasha (trailer #1) 09/29/20152:02Video Palace House Of Distribution
Best Buy “Best Cart” 09/28/20151Cineplex Media
HandM “Modern Men 2015” 09/28/20150:30Cineplex Media
Toyota Scion “Flashback” 09/28/20150:30Cineplex Media
Carol (trailer #1) 09/23/20151:44Entertainment One Films
Choice, The (trailer #1) 09/23/20152:30Entertainment One Films
Truth (trailer #1) 09/23/20152Entertainment One Films
Angry Birds Movie, The (trailer #1) 09/22/20152:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Big Short, The (trailer #1) 09/22/20152:24Paramount Pictures
Burnt (trailer #2) 09/22/20152:06Entertainment One Films
Eadweard (trailer #1) 09/22/20152:37Independent
Ed Sheeran: Jumpers For Goalposts (trailer #1) 09/22/20151:38Cineplex Entertainment
Good Dinosaur, The (trailer E) 09/22/20152Walt Disney Studios
Journey Through Time With Anthony, A (trailer #1) 09/22/20151:58China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
People Hold On (trailer #1) 09/22/20152:19A71 Entertainment Inc.
Revenant, The (trailer D) 09/22/20152:3520th Century Fox
Rock The Kasbah (trailer #2) 09/22/20152:35V V S Films
Wacken 3D The Movie (trailer #1) 09/22/20152:24Cineplex Entertainment
Meet The Patels (trailer #1) 09/21/20152:24D Films
SAWA “App Reminder and We Have A Plan Canada” 09/18/20151:08Cineplex Media
Allegiant (trailer #1) 09/17/20151:41Entertainment One Films
Back To The Future - The Fan Event 09/17/20151:03Cineplex Entertainment
CBC “Season 2 Canada’s Smartest Person” 09/17/20150:30Cineplex Media
Just For Laughs - The Nasty Show (trailer #1) 09/17/20151Cineplex Entertainment
Metropolitan Opera, The 2015 - 2016 Season 09/17/20151Cineplex Entertainment
Peanuts 3D Glasses PSA 09/17/20150:2120th Century Fox
Room (trailer #2) 09/17/20152:27Elevation Pictures
The Who Live In Hyde Park (trailer #1) 09/17/20151:14Cineplex Entertainment
Steve Jobs (trailer#2) 09/16/20152:07Universal Pictures
Jungle Book, The (trailer #1) 09/14/20151:44Walt Disney Studios
Jungle Book, The (trailer #2) 09/14/20152Walt Disney Studios
Last Witch Hunter, The (trailer #4) 09/14/20151:55Entertainment One Films
Point Break (trailer #2) 09/14/20152:25Warner Bros. Entertainment
Scene CARA "Hungry for Scene Points" 09/14/20150:30Cineplex Media
Creed (trailer #2) 09/11/20152:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Hail, Caesar! (trailer #1) 09/11/20152:23Universal Pictures
In The Heart Of The Sea (trailer #3) 09/11/20152:30Warner Bros. Entertainment
Sisters (trailer #2) 09/11/20152:35Universal Pictures
Scotiabank Auto Insurance "General Lee" 09/10/20150:30Cineplex Media
This Changes Everything (trailer #1) 09/10/20152:19Video Services Corp.