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These 58 films have been rated in the last month. Click on the Title for more information about the movie.

TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning TimeDistributor
Bitter Harvest Brutal Violence02/24/2017103D Films
Ezra Frightening Scenes 02/24/2017145Edmonton Movie Club
MSG: Lionheart 2 Violence02/24/2017129Video Palace House Of Distribution
Assignment, The [a.k.a. (re)Assignment] Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content02/23/201796Mongrel Media
Ballerina  02/23/201790Entertainment One Films
Rangoon Violence 02/23/2017148Video Palace House Of Distribution
Sailor Moon R: The Movie Violence 02/23/201789Cineplex Entertainment
Beauty And The Beast  02/22/2017129Walt Disney Studios
Sargi  02/22/2017131Video Palace House Of Distribution
Sense Of An Ending, The  02/22/2017109Elevation Pictures
Shack, The (Intro And Q&A)  02/21/201717Entertainment One Films
Ultraman Ginga S: The Movie Violence02/21/201763Metro Cinema
Ultraman X: The Movie Violence 02/21/201772Metro Cinema
2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Animated Substance Abuse02/17/201786Edmonton International Film Festival
Citizen Jane: Battle For The City  02/17/201792Calgary Underground Film Festival
Weirdos Coarse Language 02/17/201784filmswelike
Logan Violence02/16/201713720th Century Fox
Tampopo (1985) [Reclassified 2017] Sexual Content 02/16/2017114filmswelike
Man Called Ove, A (En man som heter Ove) Coarse Language, Mature Subject Matter02/15/2017116Pacific Northwest Pictures
My Ex And Whys  02/15/2017121ABS-CBN
Running Shaadi  02/15/2017115Video Palace House Of Distribution
XX Gory Violence02/15/201781Calgary Underground Film Festival
I Am Not Your Negro Mature Subject Matter02/14/201794Mongrel Media
T2 Trainspotting Substance Abuse 02/14/2017117Sony Pictures Releasing
2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Live Action Sexual Content, Language May Offend02/13/2017127Edmonton International Film Festival
76 Minutes And 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami  02/10/201776Calgary Cinematheque Society
Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol  02/10/2017154Edmonton Movie Club
Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus Violence, Mature Subject Matter 02/10/201762Metro Cinema
Take Me Home  02/10/201716Calgary Cinematheque Society
Glove, The  02/09/201790Independent
I, Claude Monet  02/09/201783Cineplex Entertainment
Kirik Party Substance Abuse02/09/2017166Independent
My Scientology Movie Coarse Language 02/09/2017100Kinosmith
Balu Mahi Coarse Language02/08/2017151Video Palace House Of Distribution
For Those Who Think Young (1964) [reclassified 2017]  02/08/201796Metro Cinema
Jolly LLB 2  02/08/2017137Video Palace House Of Distribution
Kong: Skull Island Violence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young Children 02/07/2017118Warner Bros. Entertainment
Scanners (1981) [Reclassified 2017] Gory Scenes02/07/2017103Metro Cinema
All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, And The Spirit Of I.F. Stone Mature Subject Matter02/06/201793Independent
Last Word, The  02/06/2017108Elevation Pictures
Oddball  02/06/201791Mongrel Media
Alice In The Cities (Alice in den Stadten) (1974) [reclassified 2017]  02/03/2017112Calgary Cinematheque Society
Duckweed  02/03/2017101China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Alive Inside  02/02/201778Metro Cinema
Hunting Film Tour 2016, The  02/02/2017109Metro Cinema
Nenu Local Violence02/02/2017138Independent
Fist Fight Coarse Language 02/01/201791Warner Bros. Entertainment
Girl With All The Gifts, The Gory Violence, Coarse Language 02/01/2017111Elevation Pictures
King, The (Deoking)  02/01/2017134Independent
Kung Fu Yoga Violence 02/01/2017107Independent
Get Out Coarse Language, Violence01/31/2017104Universal Pictures
Table 19 Coarse Language 01/31/20178720th Century Fox
John Wick: Chapter 2 Brutal Violence 01/30/2017122Entertainment One Films
Lego Batman Movie, The  01/30/2017104Warner Bros. Entertainment
Afterimage (Powidoki)  01/27/201799filmswelike
Billion Lives, A  01/27/201794Cineplex Entertainment
Nelly Sexual Violence, Sexual Content 01/27/201799TIFF
Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves (Ceux qui font les revolutions a moitie n'ont fait que se creuser un tombeau) Nudity, Sexual Content01/27/2017184TIFF