Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
(14A) Crude Sexual Content, Coarse Language, Substance Abuse
Comedy. Based on characters created by Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien. Having survived living next door to a fraternity, insecure parents Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne) are horrified to discover that a new sorority has rented the house next door.

Content Elements:
Frequent use of the sexual expletive, some in a sexual context; frequent use of scatological slang and vulgar expressions; infrequent crude sexual references - some detail
Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity in a comic context - no nudity, little detail
Brief male genital nudity in a comic context
Frequent portrayals of and references to illegal drug use and misuse - some detail
Frequent crude references to bodily functions - some detail

Thematic Elements:
Independence and maturity
Perspectives on parenting
Gender and sexism

Classification Rationale:
Rated 14A for frequent coarse language, crude sexual references, and recreational drug use in a comic context

Classification Date: